Bread Club FAQ



Q: Why a bread club?

A: Commitment can be scary, I know, but community is a beautiful thing. As a "community-supported bakery", we really depend on that community--- we depend on you. By signing up for your bread in advance you allow me to better plan my production and grow. You also get to eat delicious bread every week, and try new breads while you're at it. By joining you are engaging in a conversation with me that allows me to grow as a baker and Colossus Bread to grow as a business. --- and besides, clubs are fun.

Q: Is it cheaper?

Yes! I do discount the loaves as a thank you for your support. There is a small extra charge for delivery, but you are still saving money. You are also welcome to arrange a pick-up to waive that delivery fee and save me some gas and time. :)

Q: What if I am out of town for a week and/or can't receive my order?

A: You can always skip a week, and/or transfer your bread to someone else close by. I do appreciate notice in advance, if you will be skipping or altering your order, at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery/pick-up is appreciated.

Q: Is the bread always the same?

A: It doesn't have to be! I recommend a baker's choice or "best of both worlds" subscription. Baker's choice means I choose your loaf, the loaf of the week will constantly be rotating and changing (i.e. chocolate sourdough, rye porridge, sandwich loaf, fig and walnut, etc.). A "Best of Both Worlds" subscription will give you one traditional country-style loaf and one "baker's choice" loaf, per week--- it truly is the best of both worlds.

Q: What if I have an allergy or dietary restriction?

Please let me know of any/all allergies/dietary restrictions, so that I can do my best to eliminate cross-contamination and send you an appropriate loaf. Please let me know ahead of time with your order if you have and allergy, aversion, or preference in terms of your Bread Club deliveries. For example, if you tend to dislike sweet breads, I will avoid sending you a chocolate or fruit loaf. Unfortunately, I cannot reimburse if you do not simply like the loaf. I will do my best to make sure the loaves are tested, interesting, and delicious. Please let me know ahead of time if there is anything you do not want or like!

Membership Levels (Deliveries are made every week, prices are for 4 deliveries):


1 Country Loaf/Week - $24/Month
1 Baker's Choice Loaf/Week - $24/Month
Best of Both Worlds (2 Loaves/Week)- $48/Month


Weekend Pastry Box (1/2 Dozen Assorted Pastries)- $90/Month


Small Mix & Match- 1 Loaf of Bread, 2 Pastries- $56/Month
Medium Mix & Match- 1 Country, 1 Surprise Loaf, 2 Pastries/Treats- $80/Month

We can customize subscriptions to your needs, fill out a form here