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Similar to a CSA, by joining the "Colossus Bread Club" you subscribe to a weekly delivery of bread and/or baked goods delivered to your nearest neighborhood drop site or to you every FRIDAY. By joining the club, you allow me to better plan my production, grow, and eliminate waste. You also get to eat delicious bread every week, and try new breads while you're at it. By joining you are engaging in a conversation with me that allows me to grow as a baker and Colossus Bread to grow as a business. --- and besides, clubs are fun. 

Weekly subscriptions range from a simple loaf per week to 2 loaves and an assortment or pastries and treats, depending on your needs and appetite.

Orders are delivered every FRIDAY for a small fee, or can be picked up at no charge.


Step 1: Sign up by filling out this form! Choose the options that best fit your needs.

Step 2: Subscriptions are made on a monthly-basis, and must be made on the Wednesday prior to delivery. Any orders received after Wednesday night will start the following week. We will confirm your order after receiving it. If you would like to make a smaller order or add on to your order you may do so via email. However; again, all orders must be received before Thursday for Friday delivery.

Step 3: Your order will be delivered every Friday. Delivery times vary depending on your location and our volume for the day, but you will receive your order before 5 PM on Friday.

CSB Membership Rules:

  • You must commit to a month subscription (4 deliveries), unless otherwise arranged and confirmed.
  • Your subscription is billed monthly through the email you provide. If you would like to pay with cash or check upon your first delivery, we can arrange that as well.
  • Products can always be added on to your order and invoiced separately. You also may skip a week, if you are out of town, or unable to receive. Please email us by Wednesday night if you would like to add on to or suspend your order.
  • Any allergies/aversions/special requests must be made in advance. We will do our best to accommodate. <3
  • We are currently only able to deliver to Long Beach and Orange County (within a 10 mile radius of our kitchen in Costa Mesa). You are welcome to arrange a pick-up if you are out of our delivery range!

Custom orders and wholesale account requests can be made by email to


Still confused? Check out our Bread Club FAQ

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Weekly subscriptions range from a simple loaf per week to 2 loaves and an assortment or pastries and treats, depending on your needs and appetite. You can always further customize your order as well, leave any special requests down below and/or email us a detailed request at
Please make all preferences known below, or forever hold your peace. Please let us know if you prefer a certain type of bread in the case of the "wild card" subscription.
Delivery or Pick-up? *
A $16.00 charge will be added for delivery per month (4 deliveries), this is a flat fee regardless of the size of your order. No charge for picking up!
Our production varies from week to week but if you would like to add-on a single loaf or certain number of pastries let us know here so we can add it to your order. For larger catering orders please email us in advance at
Membership Agreement