The Baker

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My name is kristin delfs, and I am a Los Angeles-based baker and chef. after graduating college, i briefly worked in the non-profit sector before turning my attention to pastry and bread.

i moved to the bay area in 2016 to pursue bread and instantly became fascinated with natural fermentation, whole grains, and viennoiserie. i worked and staged at a number of restaurants in the bay area including Octavia, Jane, Pain, outerlands, petit crenn, and the midwife and the baker in the capacity of bread baker, stagiaire, pastry sous chef, and eventually pastry chef.

While my bread and pastries are heavily influenced by my training in new san francisco sourdough bread (a moist open and slightly sourinterior and a dark caramelized crust) i also find myself constantly inspired by the rich tradition of baking and am constantly evolving my style and practices. i started colossus bread as a way to celebrate my love for grain, baking, and local produce. I hope that this love is contagious, and that my bread will inspire a similar appreciation for grain and artisan baking in my community.