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Colossus Bread is a woman-owned small community supported bakery (CSB) located in long beach, ca. 

Colossus Bread is a small artisan bakery specializing in handmade viennoiserie and organic slow-fermented sourdough bread. Colossus Bread was launched in April of 2018 out of a shared kitchen space in Costa Mesa, CA with a rolling pin and some cast iron combo skillets. We were very fortunate to be given an opportunity to move closer to home a couple months later. We now produce completely overnight out of a small shared kitchen space in the Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach, CA.

We still haven’t ditched the rolling pin though. All of our croissant and bread is made the old fashioned way— by hand with the help of a small hobart and an array of rolling pins. We buy our whole grain wheat from the Tehachapi Grain Project and mill it in house with our small mill, about 1 quart at a time. We do not have a bread oven or a proofer in our small space, so all of our hearth loaves are baked in cast iron combo skillets, 8 loaves at a time. Our croissants are long-proofed in the warm ambient temperature of our kitchen. Every loaf and pastry is very special to us—- a true labor of love.

We are inspired by whole grains and local fruit, and enjoy featuring our house-milled local wheat from the Tehachapi Grain Project and local + seasonal fruit in just about everything we produce. 

Our mission is to change the current coffeeshop pastry paradigm in creating pastries and baked goods that are not only delicious but healthful and stand on equal ground with the coffee they are served with.

Our bakery does not have a retail location yet, but we are looking! For now, you can find us at three Long Beach farmer's markets and in select retail locations [see “FIND US”].